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What is Cogmed?

Cogmed Working Memory Training is an evidence-based computerized training program designed to improve attention by effectively increasing working memory capacity through a systematic training period.

Cogmed has unique and outstanding records of strong and lasting results in education and health care, making significant difference in improving people's lives.

Are you or is someone else you know:
  • Easily distracted and/or struggling particularly with attention concerns?
  • Having trouble completing tasks or following instructions?
  • Failing to meet academic or professional goals despite motivation and hard work?

Poor working memory could be part of the problem.

Cogmed can help!

Why Is Cogmed Different?

Three reasons Cogmed is different from other “brain training”

  1. Scientifically Researched: Cogmed is developed by leading neuroscientist and proven to be effective in rigorous research published in peer-reviewed journals.

  2. Sustainable Change: Cogmed training is a scientifically determined program that changes the way you process information and research shows the effects last once training is completed. It is not about teaching behavioural strategies for coping with memory deficits.

  3. Support of a qualified provider: Training is provided exclusively by a qualified Cogmed provider, through an allied health care professional and/or an educator. Support provided by the Cogmed provider is critical to staying motivated and completing the program and building metacognitive skills.

Cogmed has by far the largest body of research of any cognitive training program available, supporting its effectiveness in improving working memory. Beginning with Dr. Klingberg’s 2005 study showing strong results in a placebo-controlled multi-centre trial for children with ADHD, leading worldwide researchers have since added to Cogmed research. This research has proven Cogmed’s efficacy with a wide variety of populations including ADHD, ABI, learning disabilities, and even typical developing and aging.

Who is it for?

Cogmed is for anyone who is constrained by their working memory and would like to improve their attention.  Training working memory, can help to stay focused, ignore distractions, plan next steps, remember instructions, and start and finish tasks. Cogmed has been proven to be effective for attention deficits due to ADHD, brain injuries, and normal aging, among others.

Research and clinical data show improved student grades following Cogmed training. Parents and teachers also report improved social skills, taking initiative, remembering instructions, and completing assignments with more independence.

Training working memory can help to stay focused, ignore distractions, plan next steps, remember instructions, and start and finish tasks.


  • Adults: Strong attention and concentration skills are central to manage the demands of daily life
  • Children/Students: increased ability to focus on schoolwork, follow instructions, and stay on task.
  • Seniors: restore working memory capacity
  • Executives: strong working memory skills play a key role in workplace success.


How to get started

Cogmed Working Memory Training is provided as an intervention by educators in schools and healthcare professionals.

Find a Cogmed provider in your area

Find a Cogmed provider in your area

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Become a Cogmed provider

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