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About Working Memory

Working memory is the search engine of the brain

Working memory is the ability to keep information in your mind for a short time, focus on a task, and remember what to do next. We use our working memory constantly in our daily life—helping us to perform efficiently and effectively inacademic, professional and social settings. It is critical for focusing, appropriately shutting out distractions, and for complex thinking.

Working memory and Academics

Working memory is strongly associated with children’s ability to learn. Skills such as reading comprehension and math, along with other classroom-based activities (attention, remembering instructions, etc,...) are supported by working memory. While working memory constraints are common in students with ADHD and learning disabilities, research indicates that approximately 15% of school-aged children are constrained by low working memory, leading to poor academic performance, difficulty following instructions, and problematic behaviour.

Cogmed improves working memory

The Cogmed program improves attention by training working memory. Studies show that most people with attention deficits also have a working memory deficit.

Cogmed combines cognitive neuroscience with innovative, web-based computer “game” design and close professional support to deliver substantial and lasting benefits to our users.

8 out of 10 trainees who complete Cogmed training show measurable improvement in working memory capacity leading to improved attention, behaviour and daily functioning:

Children: research and clinical data show improved grades following Cogmed training. Parents and teachers also report improved social skills, taking initiative, remembering instructions, and completing assignmentsmore independently.

Adults:  training working memory can help to stay focused, ignore distractions, plan next steps, remember instructions, and start and finish tasks.

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