Digital Assessment Library for Canadian Schools

Test Library

The library covers a range of assessments, including ability, achievement, behaviour, mental health, speech and language, and motor sensory. There is also a library of screeners available with limited use.

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The Digital Assessment Library for Schools helps evaluate a wide range of skills, including:


Measure student cognition, intelligence, and processing skills.
Example tests: WAIS–IV CDNWISC®-V CDN


Accurately assess students for dyslexia and other learning disabilities.
Example tests: KTEA™-3, WIAT®-III CDN, WIAT–4 (US norms on Q-interactive only)


Improve social skills, evaluate emotional issues, and measure self-sufficiency.
Example tests: BASC™-3Vineland–3

Cognition/Executive Functioning

Evaluate higher-level cognitive function, assess neuropsychological status, and measure verbal learning and memory abilities.
Example tests: RBANS Update, WMS®–IV

Mental Health

Get an accurate picture of personality characteristics and behavioural tendencies.
Example tests: MACI-IIMMPI-A-RF®

Motor and Sensory

Accurately and efficiently assess fine and gross motor skills and sensory processing patterns.
Example tests: Sensory Profile™ 2, PEDI-CAT


To assist with the evaluation process, there are a number of different screeners available for limited use. Example tests: Shaywitz DyslexiaScreen™ESI-3

Speech and Language

Diagnose language disorders, assess expressive vocabulary, and receptive vocabulary.
Example tests: CELF®–5GFTA™–3

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