Linking Progress Monitoring to Reading Strategies & The New DRA3 Experience!

Presenter: Elizabeth Grose, SSP, LPA, NCSP Solutions Analyst

Literacy is one of the most critical skills in our lives. It is more than just being able to read and write. It provides the foundation for all learning and inquiry, personal development, and social responsibility within the world in which we live. For many students, literacy just doesn’t come easily. More students than ever are struggling with literacy and are being diagnosed with reading disabilities. A significant body of research over the past 35 years has demonstrated that when teachers use progress monitoring, students learn more, teacher decision making improves, and students become more aware of their own performance. With so much to lose and everything to gain, time is of the essence - We need to act and we need to act NOW.

Join us for a candid webinar discussion:

What does new research tell us about the importance of progress monitoring and the link to explicit instructional strategies?

-How does DRA3 progress monitoring assess the reading behaviors of fluency, comprehension, and vocabulary of struggling students briefly between benchmarks?

-How does the DRA3 online platform save instructional time by linking assessment to intervention?

-What intervention resources are available in the DRA3 and how are they implemented?

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