Research Assistance Program

Our Research Assistance Program (RAP) is designed to encourage post-publication research that provides new information about the applications and characteristics of our instruments. By making the results of such studies available to the field, you will be contributing to scientific knowledge and sound professional practice.

Please note we are particularly interested in reviewing research applications that include the following instruments:


Terms and Conditions

  1. The RAP offers a 40% discount on test materials and scoring services (applicable to all quantity level prices) for approved research studies conducted in Canada.
  2. The proposed project should be a non-billable, potentially publishable, well-designed research study that will be of interest to others in the field. In general, program evaluation studies do not qualify because program evaluation is one of the standard applications of tests and because such research is not focused on providing new information about the tests.
  3. Products that Pearson distributes but does not publish do not qualify for the discount.
  4. The researcher (or a member of the research project team) must meet the Pearson user qualification requirements for the tests used in the research project.
  5. The RAP grants a one-time discount for the test materials and scoring services specified in the original application. Researchers should include in their original application all of the materials and scoring services they expect to need for the project. A new application is required if additional materials or scoring services are needed.
  6. The reproduction or translation of tests is prohibited under the RAP.
  7. The researcher agrees to provide a report of the study results to Pearson.
  8. The maximum amount (full retail value) for which the discount may apply is $5,000.
  9. Retroactive applications are not honored, and no returns, credits, or exchanges are allowed.
  10. Shipping charges apply and will be calculated based on the discounted total (this includes standard, expedited, and other shipping charges).

If your application is complete and approved, we will process it within ten business days of receipt. You'll be contacted only if there is a question, missing/incorrect information, or if your project is not approved.


RAP Application Outline

  1. Title. Indicate the full title of the study that will be conducted. If you are requesting research assistance for more than one study, you must complete a separate application for each study.
  2. Principal Investigator. Indicate the name and institution of the principal investigator of the study. Also indicate the principal investigator's address (both current and permanent), daytime phone number, and email address.
  3. Other Investigators. Indicate the name and institution of all other investigators involved.
  4. Purpose of the Study. Describe the general purpose of the study.
  5. Methodology. Describe the design of the study, including type(s) and number of participants, the data gathering procedures, the instruments used, and the proposed analyses.
  6. Duration of the Study. Indicate the date you anticipate that you will complete a formal report of the results. The formal report should be submitted to Pearson within one month of this date.
  7. Signatures and Authorization. For non-student researchers, your study description must be signed and dated by the principal investigator. For student researchers, your study description must be signed and dated by you and your supervisor, graduate advisor, or committee member. All applications are subject to review by the appropriate Pearson representatives.

Format and Instructions for Completing the Research Assistance Program Application

To apply to the RAP, the following information is required:

  1. A description of your study using the RAP Application Outline above. All applications must be properly signed and authorized.

  2. A completed Customer Registration (Qualification) Form.
    Users must meet the Pearson qualification requirements necessary for the test being used in the research project.  This form must be submitted online at the time of the application.
    Student researchers: a supervisor, advisor, or committee member may complete and submit the qualification form.
    Non-student researchers: any official member of the research project team may complete and submit the qualification form.

  3. Send all required documentation to the Assessment and Technology Consultant for your Region:

    British Columbia & Aberta:
    » Samuel Rousseau

    » Nadira Chand

    » Jeremy Clarke

    » Michael Charron

    » Pierre Choquette

    Altantic Provinces, Yukon, Northwest Territories and Nunavut:
    » Nadira Chand