Permissions and Licensing

Reproduction of any purchased materials requires the prior written consent of Pearson Canada Assessment Inc. or NCS Pearson, Inc. (collectively “Pearson”). Questions and answers, including practice questions and answers, may not be reproduced without written permission, regardless of the number of lines or items involved. Test copies may not be bound in theses or reports placed in libraries, generally circulated, or accessible to the public, or in any article or text of any kind.

Pearson will consider requests for permission to reproduce, modify, or translate part or all of any copyrighted publication and will also consider the granting of licenses for use of our copyrighted materials. Requests to reproduce, translate, adapt, modify, or make special versions of these publications should be submitted via our Request for Permissions Form.

Once approved, any reproduction must include acknowledgement of the source, including author, test, publisher, and copyright notice.

Permission to Use Copyrighted Test Norms

Pearson has the sole right to authorize reproductions of any portion of its published tests, including test norms. Copying of test norms without authorization is a violation of copyright. The term "copying" includes, but is not limited to, entry of test norms into a computer memory for purposes of test processing, scoring, or reporting. Any person or organization wanting to use Pearson Canada Assessment Inc.'s test norms must submit a formal written request to the Legal Department. If permission is granted, a fee may be charged. Permission from Pearson for use of test norms does not imply endorsement of, or responsibility for, the accuracy or adequacy of any test processing, scoring, or reporting service.

Permission for Research

Published assessments and/or intervention instruments used in research may be eligible for a 40% discount.

Permission is not needed for research by individuals who are qualified to purchase and administer the tests; however, no reproduction of test materials is allowed for any purpose, including articles and reports based on research, without the prior written consent of Pearson Canada Assessment Inc. Researchers wanting to use test materials for thesis, dissertation, or research are encouraged to call Customer Care for more information at 1-866-335-8418.


Pearson has the sole right to license use of its trademarks. Any unauthorized use of NCS Pearson Inc. trademarks is strictly prohibited. Requests to use any trademark should be addressed to:

NCS Pearson, Inc.

Legal Affairs Department

19500 Bulverde Rd., Suite 201

San Antonio, Texas


Pearson reserves the right to amend these policies at any time. Contact the Legal Department for more information at 1-800-228-0752 or via email at