The Delis Rating of Executive Functions – Adult (D-REF Adult) Part 2: Guidelines for Clinical Interpretation

Presenter(s): Dean Delis, Ph.D., A.B.P.P.

In Part 2 of this webinar series, Dr. Delis will provide guidelines for making clinical interpretations of the findings of the D-REF Adult. Topics discussed will include interpretative guidelines of:

  • The validity versus clinical scales of the D-REF Adult
  • Findings from clinical versus forensic evaluations
  • Self versus Collateral Form results
  • Findings from repeated evaluation


Dr. Delis will also discuss the use of an optional feature of the D-REF Adult Score Report that provides a list of specific recommendations for interventions for EF problems targeted to each examinee’s profile of EF strengths and weaknesses. A case example will be provided to illustrate the different interpretive guidelines.

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