Wide Range Achievement Test 4 (WRAT4)

  • Gary S. Wilkinson PhD

  • Gary J. Robertson PhD

Measure basic academic skills of reading, spelling, and math

Ages / Grades:

5:0 - 94:0

Administration Format:


Administration Time:

Approximately 15-25 minutes for ages 5 – 7; approximately 35-45 minutes for ages 8 and up

Scoring Options:


Wide Range Achievement Test 4
Out of print notification

In early 2017, Pearson Clinical Assessment published Wide Range Achievement Test-Fifth Edition (WRAT5) with new norms and new content in both paper and digital format (Q-global & Q-interactive).

Most WRAT4 customers have made the transition to the Fifth Edition of this new assessment, and we are now preparing to put the WRAT4 out of print, as it now has minimal demand compared to the production costs..

We recommend that you use up your remaining WRAT4 materials and aim to purchase the WRAT5 prior to January 1, 2019.


  • WRAT4 Green Test/Response Forms



    Pkg of 25 Test Booklets and 25 Test Forms

  • WRAT4 Blue Test/Response Forms



    Pkg of 25 Test Booklets and 25 Test Forms

  • WRAT4 Green Sentence Comprehension Response Booklet



    Pkg of 25

  • WRAT4 Blue Sentence Comprehension Response Booklet



    Pkg of 25

  • WRAT4 Sentence Comprehension Cards/Place Marker Card



    Pkg of 3

  • WRAT4 Manual



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New Edition Available!
Wide Range Achievement Test-Fifth Edition (WRAT5)


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