NEPSY®—Second Edition (NEPSY®–II)

  • Marit Korman

  • Ursula Kirk

  • Sally Kemp

Tailor the tool to measure cognitive abilities specific to the referral question

Ages / Grades:

3:0 to 16:11 Years

Administration Format:

  • Digital (Q-interactive)

  • Paper-and-pencil

Administration Time:

General Assessment: Preschool ages - 45 minutes School ages - 1 hour Diagnostic & Selective Assessment: Varies Full Assessment: Preschool ages - 90 minutes School ages - 2 to 3 hours

Scoring Options:

  • Scoring Assistant™ and Assessment Planner software

  • hand-scoring

Scores / Interpretation:

  • Scaled scores (standard scores)

  • diagnostic scores

  • behavioural observations (presented as cumulative percentages or base rates)

Report Options:

  • Clinician reports

  • longitudinal reports

  • parent/ teacher reports

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NEPSY®—Second Edition
Tablet-based Admnistration!
The digital version of NEPSY-II is available on Q-interactive™

With the innovative digital format, you get all the flexibility and content of the NEPSY-II in a convenient, easy-to-use digital system allowing you to administer the assesment using two iPads®.

Learn more about Q-interactive™ at


Please note:
Scoring Assistant Software was developed for earlier versions of Windows and is compatible only with Windows XP, Windows Vista & Windows 7. For further information, please contact Technical Support at 1-800-249-0659.  



  • NEPSY®–II: Complete Kit with Scoring Assistant/Administration Planner



    Includes all items in the Complete Kit, plus a Scoring Assistant/Administration Planner

  • NEPSY®–II: Complete Kit



    Includes Clinical and Interpretive Manual, Administration Manual, Stimulus Books 1and 2, 25 Record Forms (Ages 3–4), 25 Record Forms (Ages 5–16), 25 Response Booklets (Ages 3–4), 25 Response Booklets (Ages 5–16), Memory for Design Card Set (22 cards), Memory for Names Card Set (8 cards), Animal Sorting Card Set (8cards), Memory Grid, 3 Scoring Templates (for Recognition of Reversals, Design Copying), Red Blocks Set (12 blocks), black pencil in box, Training CD (includes downloadable (iPod) wave files for audio subtests, Auditory Attention and Response Set, and Repetition of Nonsense Words)


  • NEPSY–II Training CD



    With Wave Files

  • NEPSY®–II: Scoring Assistant and Administration Planner



  • NEPSY–II Response Booklets Ages 5–16



    Pkg of 25

  • NEPSY–II Response Booklets Ages 3–4



    Pkg of 25

  • NEPSY–II Record Forms Ages 5–16



    Pkg of 25

  • NEPSY–II Record Forms Ages 3–4



    Pkg of 25

  • NEPSY-II Scoring Template



  • NEPSY-II Clinical and Interpretive Scoring Manual



  • NEPSY-II Administration Manual




  • Memory Grid



  • NEPSY-II Card Sets (3 sets in a box)



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