Millon® Clinical Multiaxial Inventory-IV (MCMI®-IV)

Assessment of DSM-5®-related personality disorders and clinical syndromes.

Ages / Grades:

18 and older

Administration Time:

25 to 30 minutes

Scoring Options:

  • Q-global* web-based scoring

  • Q Local software

Scores / Interpretation:

Adult inpatient and outpatient clinical sample

Report Options:

Interpretive and Profile Reports

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Millon® Clinical Multiaxial Inventory-IV

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*Q-global™ Online Scoring and Reporting:
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  • MCMI-IV Q-global* Interpretive Report Starter Kit



    Includes MCMI-IV manual (printed), 3 Q step-down answer sheets, 3 Q-global administrations


  • MCMI-IV Q-global Profile Report



    For On-Screen (OSA) or Remote On-Screen Administration (ROSA) (price per administration)

  • MCMI-IV: Q-global* Interpretive Report



    For On-Screen (OSA) or Remote On-Screen Administration (ROSA)
    (price per administration)

  • MCMI-IV Q-global Manual (Digital)



    (Digital edition accessible on Q-global - not available for download)

  • MCMI-IV Manual - Printed edition and Digital edition on Q-global



    (digital edition accessible on Q-global - not available for download)


  • MCMI-IV Q Local Profile Report



    (price per report)

  • MCMI-IV Q Local Interpretive Report



    (price per report)


  • MCMI-IV Q Step-down Answer Sheets



    (pkg 25)
    test items included

  • MCMI-IV Manual (printed)




  • MCMI-IV Audio CD




Interpretive Report

The Interpretive Report provides an in-depth analysis of personality and symptom dynamics. Written with a therapeutic focus, the interpretive report provides the clinician with a foundation upon which treatment plans can readily be made and includes action-oriented suggestions for therapeutic management.

This report also provides:

  • Patient's demographic information
  • Graphic presentation of base rate scores for all scales
  • Listing of possible DSM-5 diagnoses and the associated ICD-10 code sets
  • Treatment Guide - provides short-term treatment options based on individual results
  • Brief Report Summary of results - helping clinicians to begin a course of treatment right away

View a sample MCMI-IV Interpretive Report:

Profile Report

The Profile Report provides base rate scores for all 28 scales in an easy-to-read graph. This report can help clinicians to quickly identify clients who may require more intensive evaluation.

View a sample MCMI-IV Profile Report:


Scoring and Reporting Options

Q-global™—web-based administration, scoring, and reporting—enables you to quickly assess and efficiently organize examinee information, generate scores, and produce accurate comprehensive reports all via the Internet.

Q Local™ Scoring and Reporting Desktop Software - Enables you to score assessments, report results, and store and export data on your computer.

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MCMI-IV in Telepractice
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