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Clinical Evaluation of Language Fundamentals-Preschool 3 (CELF P-3)

Millon Adolescent Clinical Inventory-II (MACI-II)

Pediatric Evaluation of Disability Inventory-Computer Adaptive Test (PEDI-CAT)




Available with Remote

Advanced Clinical Systems (ACS) Test of Premorbid Functioning
Beck Anxiety Inventory® (BAI®) Y
Battery For Health Improvement 2 (BHI™ 2) Y
Brief Battery For Health Improvement 2 (BBHI™ 2) Y
Beck Depression Inventory®—II (BDI®–II) Y
Beck Hopelessness Scale® (BHS) Y
Beck Scale for Suicide Ideation® (BSS®) Y
Beck Youth Inventories—Second Edition (BYI–2) Y
Behavior Assessment System for Children, Third Edition (BASC™-3) Y*
Brief Symptom Inventory (BSI) Y
Brief Symptom Inventory 18 (BSI-18) Y
Brown Executive Function & Attention Scales
Bruininks Motor Ability Test (BMAT)  
Bruininks-Oseretsky Test of Motor Proficiency™—Second Edition (BOT™–2)  
Career Assessment Inventory™—Vocational (CAI™–Vocational) Y
Campbell™ Interest and Skill Survey® (CISS®) Y
Clinical Evaluation of Language Fundamentals®—Fifth Edition (CELF®–5)  
Clinical Evaluation of Language Fundamentals®, Fifth Edition Metalinguistics (CELF®-5 Metalinguistics)  
Developmental Indicators for the Assessment of Learning™—Fourth Edition (DIAL™–4)  
Delis Rating of Executive Functions (D-REF™) Y
The Early Screening Inventory, Third Edition (ESI-3)  
Expressive Vocabulary Test—Second Edition (EVT™–2)  
Expressive Vocabulary Test—Third Edition (EVT™–3) (NEW)  
General Ability Measure for Adults® (GAMA®)  
Goldman-Fristoe Test of Articulation™, Third Edition (GFTA™-3)  
Kaufman Assessment Battery for Children—Second Edition Normative Update (KABC™–II NU)  
Gifted Rating Scales™ (GRS™)  
Khan-Lewis Phonological Analysis™, Third Edition (KLPA™-3)  
Kaufman Test of Educational Achievement—Third Edition (KTEA™-3)  
Kaufman Test of Educational Achievement, Third Edition Brief Form (KTEA™-3 Brief)  
Millon™ College Counseling Inventory (MCCI™)  
Millon™ Adolescent Clinical Inventory (MACI™)  
Millon™ Adolescent Personality Inventory (MAPI™)  
Millon™ Behavioral Medicine Diagnostic (MBMD™)  
Millon® Clinical Multiaxial Inventory-IV (MCMI®-IV)  
MCMI–III™ Corrections Report: Revised Edition (MCMI–III™)  
Millon™ Pre-Adolescent Clinical Inventory (M–PACI™)  
Millon™ Index of Personality Styles—Revised (MIPS®–Revised)  
MMPI®-2: Extended Score Report (MMPI®-2)  
Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory®-Adolescent (MMPI®-A)  
Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory-2-Restructured Form® (MMPI-2-RF®)  
Pain Patient Profile (P-3®)  
Peabody Picture Vocabulary Test—Fourth Edition (PPVT™–4)  
Peabody Picture Vocabulary Test—Fifth Edition (PPVT™–5) (NEW)  
Quality of Life Inventory (QOLI®) Y
Shaywitz DyslexiaScreen Y
Symptom Checklist–90–Revised (SCL–90–R®)  
SSIS Social–Emotional Learning Edition Y
Quickview® Social History (QSH)  
Sensory Profile-2 (SENSORY PROFILE™ 2) Y
Symptom Checklist–90–Revised (SCL–90–R®) Y
Vineland-3 Y
Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale—Fourth Edition: Canadian (WAIS®–IV US)  
Wechsler Individual Achievement Test®—Third Edition: Canadian (WIAT®–III CDN)  
Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children®-Fifth Edition: Canadian (WISC®-V-CDN)  
Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children®-Fifth Edition, Integrated (WISC®-V Integrated)  
Wechsler Preschool and Primary Scale of Intelligence®—Fourth Edition: Canadian (WPPSI®–IV CDN)  
Woodcock Reading Mastery Tests™—Third Edition (WRMT™–III)  
Validity Indicator Profile (VIP)  

*BASC-3 SRP forms are not available via remote on-screen administration

**Brown EF-A Self-Report forms are not available via remote on-screen administration 

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