SSIS Social–Emotional Learning Edition

  • Frank M. Gresham

  • PhD |

  • Stephen N. Elliott

  • PhD

A comprehensive, evidence-based social-emotional learning system that also assesses key academic skills and integrates the different components with an aligned, multi-tiered intervention.

Ages / Grades:

3:0 - 18:0 years

Administration Time:

10 - 25 minutes




  • SSIS SEL Edition: Complete Kit on Q-global



    Includes: Manual (digital edition on Q-global), Class-wide Intervention Program Manual (digital edition on Q-global), digital Parent OR Teacher OR Student Report Usages on Q-global (25), digital Screening/Progress Monitoring Report Usages on Q-global (25).

  • SSIS SEL Edition: Comprehensive Kit with 1-Year Q-global Online Scoring Subscription



    Includes: Manual (print edition), Class-wide Intervention Program Manual (print edition), 1-Year unlimited Q-global online scoring subscription for SSIS-SEL, Screening/Progress Monitoring Scales (pkg 25), Parent Forms (pkg 25), Teacher Forms (pkg 25), Student forms (pkg 25).


  • SSIS SEL Edition: Screening OR Progress Monitoring Report on Q-global



    On-screen administration, scoring and reporting of the Screening/Progress Monitoring Scales

  • SSIS SEL Edition: Parent OR Teacher OR Student Report on Q-global



    On-screen administration, scoring and reporting of the Parent OR Teacher OR Student Forms

  • SISS–SEL Edition: Digital Manual on Q-global



    (accessible on Q-global - not available for download)


  • SSIS SEL Edition: Class-wide Intervention Program Manual




  • SSIS SEL Edition: Parent Form



    (pkg 25)

  • SSIS SEL Edition: Teacher Form



    (pkg 25)

  • SSIS SEL Edition: Screening/Progress Monitoring Scales



    (pkg 25)

  • SSIS SEL Edition: Manual




  • SSIS SEL Edition: Student Form



    (pkg 25)

Upcoming Live Webinars

Designing, Leading, & Implementing a School-wide Multi-Tiered SEL Program: A Leadership Guide

Presenter:  Stephen N Elliott, PhD

This webinar will be tailored to school personnel responsible for leading the implementation and evaluation of a school-wide SEL program. It will cover issues concerning the identification and prioritization of skills to be taught, the implementation and data management involved in a school-wide SEL screening, the training of staff to teach the selected SEL skills, and the evaluation of intervention outcomes. The use of the SSIS SEL edition assessments and intervention tools will be used to illustrate many of the critical events needed to conduct a highly effective SEL program.


» Date:  Wednesday, August 23, 2017  Time:  2:00 - 3:00 PM EDT

On-demand, Recorded Webinars

Use of the new SSIS Social-Emotional Learning Edition for Screening, Assessing, Intervention Planning, and Progress Monitoring

Presenter:  Stephen N Elliott, PhD

In this session with test author Dr. Stephen Elliott, learn how the new SSIS SEL edition can be used as a comprehensive social and emotional skills learning solution. The SSIS SEL edition provides evidenced-based tools to assess and teach skills in each of the five SEL domains.

» View

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