The Early Screening Inventory, Third Edition (ESI-3)

An individually administered screening instrument to help identify children who may need special education services.

Ages / Grades:

  • ESI-P Preschool: 3:0 - 4:5

  • ESI-K Kindergarten: 4:6 - 5:11

Administration Format:

  • Web-based (Q-global)

  • or paper-and-pencil

Administration Time:

15 - 20 minutes per child

Scoring Options:

  • Web-based scoring (Q-global)

  • manual scoring

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  • ESI-3 Preschool Kit (ages 3:0 - 4:5)



    Includes ESI-3 Examiners Manual, ESI-3 Manipulative Materials, ESI-3 Pre-School Record Forms (pkg 25), and ESI-3 Parent Questionnaires (pkg 25) in a carry bag.

  • ESI-3 Kindergarten Kit (ages 4:6 - 5:11)



    Includes ESI-3 Examiners Manual, ESI-3 Manipulative Materials, ESI-3 Kindergarten Record Forms (pkg 25), and ESI-3 Parent Questionnaires (pkg 25) in a carry bag.


  • ESI-3 Q-global Parent Questionnaire Report



    (price per report)

  • ESI-3 Q-global Scoring with Score Report - 1 Year Subscription



    (per user)

  • ESI-3 Digital Manual (on Q-global)



    (Digital edition accessible on Q-global - not available for download)

  • ESI-3 Q-global Score Summary Report



    (price per report)


  • ESI-3 Preschool/Kindergarten Manipulatives Kit



    Manipulatives for administering: 4 shape and 6 picture cards, 10 red block, button, rubber ball, toy car, reusable 8-foot tape

  • ESI-3 Preschool Record Forms (ages 3:0 - 4:5)



    (pkg of 25)

  • ESI-3 Kindergarten Record Forms (ages 4:6 - 5:11)



    (pkg of 25)

  • ESI-3 Parent Questionnaire



    (pkg of 25)

  • ESI-3 Manual (printed edition)



  • ESI-3 Training Package



    Online training program, includes videos and train-the-trainer materials.


Through extensive field research and development of the ESI-3, we gathered the frequently asked questions and shared these below.


Have the manipulatives changed from the previous version?

All items remain the same with the exception of the blocks.


What do I need to purchase if I am already an ESI-R Customer?

Options available:

  1. Age appropriate kit with all manipulatives and forms
    (Option to add a scoring subscription for manual entry to generate reports)

  2. Manipulatives Kit + Digital manual + Q-global usages:
    0158245873 ESI-3 Parent/Kindergarten manipulatives kit
    0150042981 ESI-3 Q-global digital Manual
    0150023251 ESI-3 Q-global Score Summary Report
    015002326X ESI-3 Q-global Parent Questionnaire Report


Can I use a combination of paper and digital?

Yes! You may purchase any combination of products. Some customers prefer to have a paper manual, and purchase digital administration usages.

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