Pediatric Evaluation of Disability Inventory Computer Adaptive Test (PEDI-CAT)

  • Stephen M. Haley

  • PhD

  • PT

  • FAPTA |

  • Wendy J. Coster

  • PhD

  • OTR/L

  • FAOTA |

  • Helene M. Dumas

  • PT

  • DPT

  • MS |

  • Maria A. Fragala-Pinkham

  • PT

  • DPT

  • MS |

  • Richard Moed

  • MPA

A computer adaptive caregiver report measuring Daily Activities, Mobility, Social/Cognitive, and Responsibility. Designed for use with children and youth with a variety of physical and/or behavioural conditions.

Ages / Grades:

Birth to age 20

Administration Format:

Web-based (Q-global)

Administration Time:

10 - 20 minutes

Scores / Interpretation:

Normative standard scores (provided as age percentiles and T scores) and Scaled Scores


  • US Nationally representative sample of 2

  • 205. Additional clinical validation sample of 703 children with disabilities

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  • PEDI-CAT Administration and Report



    For On-Screen (OSA) or Remote On-Screen Administration  (price per report)

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PEDI-CAT in Telepractice
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