Wide Range Assessment of Memory and Learning, Third Edition (WRAML3)

  • Wayne Adams

  • PhD

  • ABPP |

  • David Sheslow

  • PhD

Coming in 2021! measures memory functioning (short- and long-term memory as well as cognition) and the ability to learn new material in children and adults.

Ages / Grades:

5:0 - 90:11 years old

Administration Format:


Administration Time:

Screener: 10 - 15 minutes | Brief form: 15 - 20 minutes | Full administration: 110 - 120 minutes

Scoring Options:

  • Q-global

  • hand-scoring

Report Options:

Score Report; Interpretive Report

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The Wide Range™ Assessment of Memory and Learning, Third Edition (WRAML™3) measures short- and long-term memory functioning and the ability to learn new material in children and adults. This flexible and engaging lifespan assessment includes updated norms, content, and artwork reflective of today's population.

  • Comprehensive memory assessment that includes attention/concentration and working memory
  • Updated norms and validity studies
  • Flexible methods of administration: screener, brief or full administration
  • Access to standard scores, scaled scores, percentiles, and age equivalents for the child through adult age groups using either hand-scoring or Q-global scoring and reporting options
  • Overview of memory functioning in four subtests from the Core Battery
  • New subtests that measure visual delayed memory
  • The WRAML3 is composed of immediate, delayed and recognition memory, attention/concentration, and working memory subtests.
  • Content relevant for lifespan assessments including age-appropriate artwork and stories
  • Fun and engaging tasks
  • Expanded coverage of working memory subtests to full age range
  • Appropriate for diverse populations
  • Simplified administration of finger windows
  • Additional scores for qualitative analysis
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