Test of Memory and Learning—Second Edition (TOMAL–2)

  • Cecil R. Reynolds

  • Judith K. Voress

Provides information on specific and general aspects of memory

Ages / Grades:

5:0–59:11 Years

Administration Time:

  • 30 Minutes (Core Battery)

  • 60 Minutes (Core Plus Supplementary Subtests)

Scores / Interpretation:

  • Memory Scores for Verbal Memory

  • Nonverbal Memory

  • Delayed Recall

  • and a Composite Memory Index. Supplementary Composite Scores Include a Learning Index

  • Free Recall Index

  • and an Associate Recall Index. Includes Standardized or Scaled Scores and Percentiles.

Test of Memory and Learning—Second Edition


  • TOMAL–2: Complete Kit (Print)



    Includes Examiner's Manual, Picture Book A and B (with Easel), 25 Examiner Record Booklets, 25 Profile/Summary Forms, Delayed Recall Cue Cards, Visual Selective Reminding Test Board, 15 Chips in Vinyl Envelope


  • TOMAL–2: Examiner Record Booklet



    Pkg of 25

  • TOMAL–2: Profile/Summary Form



    Pkg of 25

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