Differential Aptitude Tests®—Canadian Edition (DAT CDN)

  • Anna Barnett

  • Sheila E. Henderson

  • Beverly Scheib

Measure aptitude for learning and succeeding in eight key areas

Ages / Grades:

  • 9–12

  • postsecondary

Scoring Options:

Hand- or machine-scorable

Report Options:

Form A (High School) Form B (Postsecondary)

Differential Aptitude Tests®—Canadian Edition


  • DAT CDN: Form B (Postsecondary)—Keys for Hand Scoring NCS Answer Documents



  • DAT CDN: Form A (High School)—Keys for Hand Scoring NCS Answer Documents



  • DAT CDN: DAT with Career Planning Questionnaire



    DAT with CPQ, NCS machine-scorable answer documents: Includes NCS Sheet NC for each answer document, NCS accessory documents, DAT Career Planning Glossary for each answer document. Pkg of 50

  • DAT CDN: Administrator's Handbook



    Includes directions for administering and scoring and norms tables.

  • DAT CDN: Test Booklet—Form B (Postsecondary)



    Pkg of 35

  • DAT CDN: Test Booklet—Form A (High School)



    Pkg of 35

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