Goldman-Fristoe Test of Articulation™, Third Edition (GFTA™-3)

  • Ronald Goldman

  • Macalyne Fristoe

Ages / Grades:

2:0 - 21:11

Administration Format:

  • Digital (Q-interactive™)

  • Web-based (Q-global*)

  • Paper-and-pencil

Administration Time:

  • 5 to 15 minutes for Sounds-in-Words Section; Varied for Sounds-In-Words

  • Intelligibility

  • and Stimulability sections

Scoring Options:

  • Web-based (Q-global™) scoring

  • Hand-scoring

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Goldman-Fristoe Test of Articulation™, Third Edition

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Tablet-based Admnistration!
The digital versions of GFTA- 3 and KLPA-3 are available on Q-interactive™

With the innovative digital format, you get all the flexibility and content in a convenient, easy-to-use digital system allowing you to administer the GFTA-3 using two iPads®.

When you administer GFTA-3 on Q-interactive, you can also purchase a KLPA-3 score report—its scores and report can be obtained automatically as soon as the GFTA-3 administration is completed.  

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  • GFTA-3 Complete Kit



    Includes print Manual, Stimulus Book, Record Forms (25), and softcase.

  • GFTA-3 Digital Kit​ on ​Q-global​*​



    Includes: Digital Manual (on Q-global*) and Digital Stimulus Book (on Q-global*), Record Forms (printed - pkg 25)


  • GFTA-3/KLPA-3 Combo Kit



    Includes GFTA-3 Complete Kit [GFTA-3 Manual, Stimulus Book, Record Forms (25), and softcase] and KLPA-3 Complete Kit [Manual, Analysis Forms (25)].

  • ​​GFTA-3/KLPA-3 Combo Kit on Q-global​*



    Includes: GFTA-3 ​Kit on Q-global* [GFTA-3​ ​digital manual on Q-global*, GFTA-3 digital Stimulus Book on Q-global*, Record Forms (printed - pkg 25)] and KLPA-3 ​Kit on ​Q-global​* ​[KLPA-3 digital manual on Q-global*, KLPA-3 digital Sound Change Booklet on Q-global*​ and ​​Analysis Forms (print - pkg 25)​]​


  • GFTA-3 stimulus book on Q-global



  • GFTA-3 Digital Manual on Q-global*



    (digital edition on Q-global - not available for download)

  • GFTA-3 1-year unlimited online Q-global* scoring subscription



    (per user)

  • GFTA-3 Q-global Score Report



    (price per report)

  • GFTA-3 / KLPA-3 1-year Q-global* unlimited online scoring subscription



    (per user)

  • GFTA-3 W/ KLPA-3 Q-global* Score Report



    (price per report)


  • GFTA-3 Record Forms (print)



    Pkg. of 25

  • GFTA-3 Stimulus Book (print)



  • GFTA-3 Manual (print)



In addition to manual scoring, GFTA-3 is available on Q-global™, Pearson's web-based scoring and reporting platform.

There are two options for scoring and reporting the GFTA-3 on Q-global:

Pay per-report 
Customers who administer the GFTA-3 only a few times each year, or those who want the flexibility to pay only as the assessment is used, may prefer this option.

Unlimited use scoring subscription
This option is ideal for examiners who administer the GFTA-3 several times each yearly. Subscriptions are sold on a per-user basis, allowing unlimited scoring and reporting for one GFTA-3 user, for one year. 

Q-global offers:
  • 24/7 secure, web-based access
  • Portability: Q-global can be used on mobile devices such as a laptop or tablet
  • On-demand, reliable scoring and comprehensive reporting solutions
  • Pricing on a per-report basis
GFTA-3 Score Reports
  • Automatically converts total raw scores to test scaled scores, percentile ranks, age equivalents, and growth scale values
  • Automatically converts sums of scaled scores to composites scores, including the Core Language and numerous index scores
  • Provides an item analysis of performance on individual test
  • See a sample GFTA-3 Q-global score report
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