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  1. Wellbeing Evaluation Scale (WES)

    Wellbeing Evaluation Scale
    • Andrew Papadopoulos |

    • Angela Kelly |

    • Helena Bäckmark Goodwill |

    • Jan Oyebode |

    • Liz Halloran

    Profile wellbeing in older people

  2. Quickview® Social History (QSH)

    Quickview® Social History

    Ronald A. Giannetti

    Extensive psychosocial inventory that helps standardize the collection of client information

  3. Quality of Life Inventory (QOLI®)

    Quality of Life Inventory

    Michael B. Frisch

    Brief assessment of quality of life/life satisfaction

  4. Millon™ Behavioral Medicine Diagnostic (MBMD™)

    Millon™ Behavioral Medicine Diagnostic
    • Theodore Millon |
    • Michael Antoni

    • Carrie Millon

    • Sarah Minor

    • Seth Grossman

    Assess psychosocial factors that may support or interfere with a chronically ill patient's course of medical treatment

  5. Eating Inventory (Eating Inventory)

    Eating Inventory
    • Samuel Messick

    • Albert J. Stunkard

    Assess three dimensions of eating behaviour

  6. Brief Symptom Inventory 18 (BSI-18)

    Brief Symptom Inventory 18

    Leonard R. Derogatis

    Shortened form of the BSI® instrument that provides a highly sensitive assessment of psychological factors

  7. Battery For Health Improvement 2 (BHI™ 2)

    Battery For Health Improvement 2
    • Daniel Bruns

    • John Mar Disorbio

    Gain insights into validity, physical symptoms, psychological, character, environment, and social factors that can impact medical treatment

  8. Brief Battery For Health Improvement 2 (BBHI™ 2)

    Brief Battery For Health Improvement 2
    • John Mark Disorbio

    • Daniel Bruns

    Evaluate pain and functional levels and other psychological factors commonly associated with pain and rehabilitation patients

  9. Pain Patient Profile (P-3®)

    Pain Patient Profile
    • C. David Tollison

    • Jerry C. Langley

    Brief assessment of psychological factors most frequently associated with chronic pain

  10. Social Adjustment Scale–Self-Report (SAS–SR™)

    A Quick Test of Cognitive Speed

    Myrna Weissman PhD

    The SAS–SR provides you with an understanding of an individual's level of satisfaction with his or her social situation.