Case Examples Using the new Brown EF/A Scales with various Age Groups and Comorbidities

Presenter: Brown EF-A author - Thomas E Brown, PhD

This webinar will use case examples of children, teens and adults to illustrate how these newly updated and re-normed scales can be used for screening and/or in comprehensive clinical evaluations for ADHD and related problems of executive function.

Dr. Brown, author of these scales, will explain how the total composite score shows the likelihood of an individual having significant executive function/attention impairments often associated with ADHD. He will also describe how the six cluster scores can help to provide a profile of specific impairments that may be prioritized and targeted for treatment.

This webinar is designed for psychologists and other mental health and medical professionals.

Brown EF-A Scales
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Brown EF-A Scales is coming this December! 

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