Assessing Functional Living Skills

Presenters: Anne-Marie Kimbell, PhD & Gail C. Rodin, PhD

As our population ages, it becomes increasingly important for clinicians to be equipped to evaluate the functional living skills of adult clients. These include both cognitive skills (e.g., communication, memory, and executive functions) and activities of daily living (e.g., mobility, handling finances, and managing medications).

Understanding the degree to which an individual has the cognitive abilities and is capable of performing these activities on their own or whether they require assistance to perform them, helps determine their ability to live independently. In addition, performance in these areas is frequently used to determine eligibility for a variety of services and programs related to caring for the elderly and for those with disabilities.

Join us for an informative webinar that will introduce you to this increasingly important area of practice and provide practical recommendations for assessment tools to use in functional living evaluations.

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