Grand Rounds mental health series - Substance Use: A "New Normal" and How it Affects Mental Health Care

Presenter: Patrick Moran, Ph.D.

Mental health support in a rapidly changing world

As our world continues to rapidly change, so will the needs of its inhabitants. Lately, mental health has come from the shadow of the stigma that’s followed it up until now, and a real effort is being made to identify and help those in need of support.

In this spirit, Pearson is proud to introduce our newest adult mental health webinar series, Grand Rounds. During these sessions we will conduct expert-led discussions on the importance of assessments, followed by thematic “grand rounds” featuring a mental health case study.

This “new normal” of substance-use acceptance may benefit some but could pose a risk to others who have mental health concerns that compromise their coping abilities.This session will provide a platform to review some measures that can provide insight into those most at risk of having a poor capacity to regulate their coping behaviors when ingesting controlled substance. We will also discuss how this may impact your treatment focus.

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