What is Q-global?

What is the difference between Q-global and Q-Local?

Can I use Q-global in Telepractice?

How do I use Q-global to perform remote on-screen administration?

Which Q-global assessments are available with remote on-screen administration?

I'm not used to paying for reports on a per-use basis. How can I order reports conveniently without having to go through my purchasing department every time I need to use one?

I bought scoring software from Pearson that provides unlimited reporting. Are you going to force me to start using Q-global instead and pay an additional per-use fee?

I don't have access to the internet in my organization. Can I perform my scoring and reporting activities using Q-global?

How does Q-global protect my clients' data security and privacy?

I have many existing test reports saved on my Q Local™ system. Can I move those reports over to Q-global™ free of charge?


Q-global uses the highest level of encryption (128-bit) to ensure your online transmissions are secure. Below please find additional FAQs relating to security and how Pearson is committed to keeping your data safe and protected.

Where will the examinee data be stored?

Why is the data stored in Canada, instead of in the United States?

How will examinee data be secured?


What happens if an unauthorized user attacks the data center and tries to steal my data?

What examinee data can Pearson system support personnel see?

Can Pearson use my Q-global examinee data for research?


International Customers

Please visit your respective local Pearson Clinical Assessment sites to proceed with purchasing on Q-global:

Australia or New Zealand 

United Kingdom


If further technical assistance or guidance is required, please utilize the following information:

Canada & US: 1-800-249-0659 (Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. CST)

Technical Support E mail:  catechnicalsupport@pearson.com

Technical Support URL:  PearsonAssessmentSupport.com

For all product-related questions or other customer support needs, please contact our Customer Care department as follows:


1-866-335-8418 (Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. EST)