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Becoming a Q-interactive User

When can I purchase Q-interactive?

Do I need to complete a Pearson Qualification Form?

Can I use Q-interactive in my Telepractice?

Becoming a Q-interactive User

Q-interactive Overview

What is Q-interactive?

How does Q-interactive differ from Q-Global?

Q-interactive Overview


Do I need to be connected to the Internet for Q-interactive to work?

What is Bluetooth and why do I need it?



Is there a Privacy Policy for Q-interactive?

Where will client data be stored?

Why is the data stored in Canada?

How will client data be secured?

What measures are in place to prevent unauthorized access to my data?

What examinee data can system support people view?

Can Pearson use my client data for research?



What hardware is required?

May I use my own iPad?

May I use my own Android tablet?

Can I administer the battery on a desktop or laptop?

May I use Q-interactive with an iPad Pro or iPad Mini?



If a subtest is spoiled, how can I substitute a new subtest?

Does Q-interactive offer the exact test items found in the paper/pencil version?

Are there sample items available to allow the client to familiarize himself with the iPad?

Is the administration of these subtests on Q-interactive equivalent to the paper/pencil administration?

How can I access administered batteries?

Can I delete an assessment battery?

Besides the hardware, what else is needed to administer a battery?

How can I upload local normative data?

Can writing samples be digitally captured and automatically scored?

Besides raw scores, does Q-interactive provide results in a similar format as found in Scoring Assistants and Report Writers?



Will I have to accept legal conditions each time I log on to Q-interactive?

May I create a new client profile and battery from my iPad?

For specific subtests the client’s responses are recorded via Q-interactive’s recording function. Am I able to save these audio files?

How can I access client profiles?

Can I delete clients or assessment sessions from my account?

What is the difference between Sync and Remove?

How can I access a client's responses to a subtest?

I accidently discontinued a subtest. Is there a way to reinstate the subtest so that I can test the client's limits?

Instead of using a stylus to capture a client's response, may I use a keyboard?



What options do I have for training?

Do I have to pay for subtests in order to practice using Q-interactive?

Is there a way I can try Q-interactive before purchasing the system?


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