The Metalinguistic Bridge: Language Competence and Classroom Success

Presenter:  Wayne A. Secord, PhD, CCC-SLP

The ability to use one’s communication and language system as a tool is an essential aspect of school-age language competence. This session will provide an overview of metalinguistic awareness, stages of development, and its impact on every-day classroom performance. Information about improving students’ metalinguistic skills and strategies will be presented using two case studies that utilize (1) the use and interpretation of the CELF-5 Test of Metalinguistics (Wiig and Secord, 2014) to assess metalinguistic competence, and (2) practical classroom-based assessment strategies to accurately describe the every-day things students struggle do, say, make and use in the school curriculum. Participants who attend this program will leave with new perspectives on clinical and educational assessment as well as with practical strategies they can put to use right away.

CELF-5 metalinguistics
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