Expanding clinicians' attentional focus: How assessing executive functions can be used to identify ADHD and guide interventions

Presenter:  Chris Huzinec, M.S.

This presentation expands the conceptualization of attentional deficits to include Executive Functions and illustrates how a systemic process that aligns identification, assessment, and intervention can positively impact clients. This presentation reviews a theoretical evidenced-based model that details the relationship between EF and chronic attentional and behavioral deficits, and prescribes methods for assessing EF domains (Brown, 2013). In addressing the components of the model, we will discuss assessing EF deficits associated with children, adolescents, and adults who exhibit attentional problems, as well as how to develop proactive EF skills. These skills include getting organized and started on tasks; focusing, shifting and sustaining attention; managing alertness; sustaining effort to complete tasks; processing and outputting information efficiently; managing emotions; using working memory; and monitoring one’s actions.

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This webinar is part of our Expand Your Practice webinar series. These webinars will focus on different ways you can use assessments to offer additional services to your clients.

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