Introducing the Millon Adolescent Clinical Inventory – II (MACI-II)

Presenter:  Robert Tringone, PhD

This webinar will introduce clinicians to the important changes that have been implemented, such as several new clinical scales and validity measures, the modified scoring system, and revamped treatment guides. A case study will be presented to illustrate the instrument’s interpretive steps, with a systematic review of the different sections, including the clinical scales, diagnostic considerations, noteworthy responses, and treatment guides.

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The Millon Adolescent Clinical Inventory – II (MACI-II) was specifically developed to address the unique concerns, pressures, and situations that today’s teenagers face. The MACI-II is a reliable and valid instrument for 13-18-year-olds seen in clinical treatment or evaluation settings and it can provide clinicians with keen insights into a teenager’s presentation and guidance regarding treatment interventions. Composed of 160 true/false items and featuring 24 clinical scales, the MACI-II is designed to obtain the maximum amount of information within a minimal amount of time. 

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