Advanced MMPI-A-RF Interpretation

Presenter:  Richard Handel, PhD

This webinar will provide attendees with further information on the MMPI-A-RF, development and evidence-based interpretation, and give practitioners additional details on how to interpret MMPI-A-RF results in various settings. Dr. Archer will offer illustrative case examples that demonstrate how using the MMPI-A-RF can enhance clinical effectiveness and efficiency.

This webinar is designed for individuals familiar with the MMPI-A-RF, for example, those who have completed the 60-minute MMPI-A-RF: Basic Overview webinar or read Dr. Archer’s book Assessing Adolescent Psychopathology: MMPI-A/MMPI-A-RF (4th ed.).

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The MMPI-A-RF features 48 empirically validated scales and takes only 25-30 minutes to administer. The test is designed to aid clinicians in identifying a broad array of mental disorders among adolescents in clinical, educational, forensic, and medical settings. The MMPI-A-RF is also designed to measure treatment progress when administered across varying points in the treatment process.

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