Presurgical Psychological Evaluation: Case Demonstrations Using the MMPI-2-RF Spine Surgery and Spinal Cord Stimulator Candidate Interpretive Reports

Presenter: Andrew R. Block, PhD ABPP

MMPI-2-RF - is composed of 338 items, with the RC (Restructured Clinical) Scales at its core, the MMPI–2–RF builds on the strengths of the MMPI–2 test to create a new standard.

This advanced webinar focuses on the use of presurgical psychological evaluations to assess patients, as well as detailed information about designing effective treatment strategies based on personality and behavioural characteristics that may impact patient care and surgical outcomes. Dr. Block will cover a model for presurgical psychological evaluation, several MMPI-2-RF Spine-CIR/Stim-CIR case examples and discuss advanced interpretation, report features, and the extensive clinical research base supporting use of the MMPI-2-RF in these high-risk interventions.

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