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Dyslexia Early Screening Test | Second Edition


The Dyslexia Early Screening Test Second Edition (DEST-2) contains screening tests of attainment and ability that evaluate a range of skills and profiles strengths and weaknesses of a child.

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  • DEST-2 Complete Kit (Print) with Scoring Software (Digital)
    0158061101 Qualification Level B

    Includes Examiner's Manual (Print), Envelope 1 (containing 7 subtest cards and sample permission letter), Envelope 2 (containing score keys), Forward Digit Span Tape, Sound Order Tape, Corsi Frog, Beads, Cord, Blindfold, Balance Tester, Scoring Software with Manual, 50 Score Sheets (Print), Carrying Case

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  • DEST-2 Record Forms Qty 50 (Print)
    015806111X Qualification Level B

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Publication date:
Age range:
4:6 through 6:5 years
At-risk quotient
Qualification level:
Completion time:
30 minutes
Scoring options:
manual scoring
Based on UK population
Administration Format:

Product Details

The DEST-2 assists in developing appropriate treatment plans for clients.


  • Includes an “At Risk” score.
  • Offers a computerized scoring program.
  • Contains U.K. normative information.


The DEST-2 consists of 12 subtests:

  • Rapid naming
  • Bead threading
  • Phonological discrimination
  • Postural stability
  • Rhyme/Alliteration
  • Forward digit span
  • Digit naming
  • Letter naming
  • Sound order
  • Shape copying
  • Corsi frog
  • Vocabulary