Conners Comprehensive Behaviour Rating Scales

Effectively assess a wide range of behavioural, emotional, and academic disorders in children and adolescents

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6 to 18 Years for Teacher Forms and Parent Forms 8 to 18 Years for Self-Report Forms
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Paper and Pencil

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The Conners Comprehensive Behaviour Rating Scales ™ (Conners CBRS) is an, in-depth instrument designed to provide you with a complete overview of a child's or adolescent's disorders and concerns. It helps psychology professionals identify each youth's specific needs and areas that require attention and focus.

The Conners CBRS was created in response to the growing demand for a comprehensive assessment that identifies a multitude of disorders and concerns in children and adolescents. It provides information and guidance on intervention planning and monitoring. The Conners CBRS includes the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders: Fourth Edition (DSM-IV-TR®) symptom scales, empirical and rational scales, as well as other clinical indicators and critical and impairment items. It also provides direct and clear links to the DSM-IV-TR.

Meeting Your Diverse Needs

Conners CBRS is a comprehensive multi-format tool that:

  • Assists in the diagnostic process
  • Identifies and qualifies students for inclusion or exclusion in special education/research studies
  • Assists in the development of intervention treatment plans
  • Monitors your patient's response to intervention/treatment
  • Evaluates the effectiveness of intervention/treatment plans

Multi-informant Forms

Parent, teacher, and self-reports allow you to build support for the diagnostic process. A high level of consistency in the scales across raters facilitates the interpretation of multi-informant assessments. You will be able to critically examine discrepancies between the informants, highlight certain behaviours, and easily compare scales across raters.

Clinical Index

The Conners CBRS includes a Clinical Index for parents, teachers, and self-reports. This index is a useful screening tool which can help build support for whether a child is likely to have a clinical diagnosis, or is more similar to youth without a clinical diagnosis. It may also be helpful when monitoring treatment over a period of time.

Representative Sample

The CBRS has been co-normed with the Conners 3rd Edition® (Conners 3®) and is based on contemporary normative data reflecting the demographics of our diverse population. Data for the normative sample and validity studies included approximately 8,000 assessments, allowing for a thorough evaluation of the psychometric properties of all versions of the assessment tool.