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Review360® is a comprehensive web-based system to obtain the data-driven training, recommendations, and resources they need to help improve student wellness, behaviour and academic success.


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Review360 gives educators the training, real-time intervention recommendations, and decision-driving data needed for effective classroom management and to help students succeed academically.


  • Reduce suspensions.
  • Implement anti-bullying initiatives.
  • Track and monitor inclusion rates.
  • Implement PBIS/RTI for behavior and best practice approaches for common behavioral issues.
  • Assess student improvement and program effectiveness.
  • Single school subscription available.


Review360’s equips educators with powerful data tracking, reporting, and progress monitoring.

  • Easy, guided setup and research-based configuration.
  • Takes minutes to set up and configure.
  • Office referral automation using a research-based set of standard incident generating behaviors.
  • Charts, graphs, and reports at student and school levels which can be generated by various criteria such as gender, ethnicity, grade, teacher, etc.
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The following training events are available for Review360 Behavior Matters.