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Wellbeing Evaluation Scale

  • Helena Bäckmark Goodwill
  • Liz Halloran
  • Angela Kelly
  • Jan Oyebode
  • Andrew Papadopoulos
Profile wellbeing in older people
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55 years and older
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The Wellbeing Evaluation Scale (WES) is a brief, self-report measure designed to measure wellbeing in older people (age 55+). Informed by an evidence-based theoretical framework, the WES was developed with a reading age of 12 years, and has both long (47-item) and short (19-item) questionnaires. Respondents rate themselves against statements on a 5-point likert scale.

The 47-item Long Form provides a measure of subjective, behavioural, and contextual dimensions of wellbeing across 6 structural properties of wellbeing: Integrity of self, integrity of others, belonging, agency, enrichment, and security. Responses are collated and provide a profile of wellbeing across all 6 domains in addition to population percentages.

The 19-item Short Form provides an average wellbeing score and population percentages.