Cambridge Test of Prospective Memory

  • Hazel Emslie
  • Jennifer Foley
  • Yvonne Groot
  • Kari Hawkins
  • Agnes Shiel
  • Peter Watson
  • Barbara A. Wilson
Assess difficulties in prospective memory
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Product Details

The Cambridge Test of Prospective Memory (CAMPROMPT) is an objective and standardized clinical instrument offering insights into a client's prospective memory or his/her ability to remember to do things at a particular time or within a given interval of time. Accommodating activities in daily life, the CAMPROMPT is ecologically valid and composed of three time-based tasks and three event-based tasks that address failures in prospective memory. Everyday life examples that may impact a person's independence include remembering to:

  • Put a letter in a mailbox on the way home
  • Phone mother
  • Turn off the stove
  • Take medication

In addition, the CAMPROMPT assessment provides valid data for planning programs aimed at remediating prospective memory difficulties.