Doors and People

Assess long-term memory in adults
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Publication date:
Age range:
5 to 16 Years (Children) 18 Years and Older (Adults)
Aged Scaled Scores and Percentile Ranks
Qualification level:

Product Details

Doors and People provides an analytic overview of long-term explicit memory by providing a single, agescaled, overall score which can be disaggregated to give separate measures of visual and verbal memory, recall and recognition, and forgetting. It is designed for use both as a clinical tool and research instrument.

The test comprises four subcomponents: Visual Recognition, Visual Recall, Verbal Recognition, and Verbal Recall.

Studies indicate that the test is sensitive across a wide range of abilities, from elderly patients with Alzheimer's disease to patients of low educational level to young graduate students.

Doors and People—Children's Norms

To extend the test applicability to children, the included manual has been updated so that it now provides both adult and children's norms. The administration and interpretation of the Doors and People for children has minimal changes to the adult test, and therefore the test in its current form can be used with children.