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40,000 Selected Words Organized by Letter, Sound, and Syllable

  • Valeda D. Blockcolsky
  • Douglas H. Frazer
  • Joan M. Frazer
A sourcebook for teaching consonant sounds to children and adults
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  • 40,000 Selected Words: Softbound Edition
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    638-page softbound edition

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40,000 Selected Words on CD-ROM makes it easy for you to:

  • Search for the phonemes, syllable length, and position of the sound you need
  • Find the full phonetic spelling of each word in alphabetical order
  • Quickly develop custom lists to practice target sounds

40,000 Selected Words in the softbound edition contains:

  • An alphabetical dictionary
  • An extensive index to help you quickly find the sounds you need
  • Consonant sounds grouped by initial, medial, and final positions
  • Consonant sounds grouped by consonant cluster/blends