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  • California Verbal Learning Test Children's Version (CVLT-C)
    CVLT®-C California Verbal Learning Test® Children's Version is used to assess verbal learning and memory in children and adolescents. Useful in various settings to identify learning and memory difficulties, isolate deficient learning strategies, and assist in designing remediation programs.
  • California Verbal Learning Test | Second Edition (CVLT-II)
    California Verbal Learning Test® | Second Edition (CVLT®-II) is a comprehensive, detailed assessment of verbal learning and memory deficits in older adolescents and adults.
  • California Verbal Learning Test | Third Edition (CVLT3)
    California Verbal Learning Test® Third Edition is the most comprehensive assessment of verbal learning and memory for older adolescents and adults. In the CVLT®3, an examinee listens to series of words and is then asked to recall the terms and the category to which they belong.