Self Image Profile for Adults

  • Richard J. Butler
  • Sarah L. Gasson
Quickly assess self-image and self-esteem in adults

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Groupe d’âge:
17 to 65 Years
Niveau de qualification:


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Détails du Produit

The Self Image Profile for Adults (SIP–Adult) is a brief self-report measure that taps the individual's theory of self. The SIP–Adult consists of 32 items rated by the respondent in terms of both how they think of themselves and how they would like to be.

It provides a visual display of self-image. As an individual completes the test, he/she reveals to him/herself as well as to the clinician the ways they construe themselves. The SIP–Adult assessment also provides a measure of self-esteem which is estimated by the discrepancy between ratings of "How I am" and "How I would like to be."

The SIP can be used in research to gather an estimate of self-image and self-esteem, in the clinical practice to identify aspects a person wishes to change, or wherever an estimate of an individual's self construing is considered appropriate.

It is easy to administer and can be used by Psychologists, Mental Health Workers, Counsellors and Specialists working with adults in a variety of situations.


  • Identifies both self-image and self-esteem
  • Items are short, well-known descriptions, based on frequently elicited accounts of self that are derived from a large sample of adults
  • Easy and quick to administer and score
  • May be used as a screening instrument where a quick assessment of self is required
  • Identifies areas where people wish to change and offers therapeutic avenues