Raven's Progressive Matrices | Clinical Edition

Raven's 2
Raven’s 2 conveniently assesses observational skills and ability in a variety of settings. It is suitable for non-verbal adults and children. The test is available in paper, digital or combination formats.
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Ravens 2 Q-global Kit (Digital) with Q-global Scoring Subscription 1 Year (Digital)
0158011112 Niveau de Qualification B

Includes Manual (Print), Scoring Template, 25 Answer Sheets (Print), Test Booklet, and 1 year unlimited subscription to Q-global reporting



1-4 $646.80
5-9 $614.50
10-24 $582.10
25-50 $549.80
51+ $517.50
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Groupe d’âge:
Ages 4–90
Niveau de qualification:
Q-global, or paper and pencil

Détails du Produit

Raven's 2 provides a measure of clear-thinking ability and intellectual capacity that minimizes the impacts of language skills and cultural differences.


  • Provides a standard score as well as a percentile rank.
  • Can be administered fairly to virtually everyone, including those who are not language proficient or have communication-related disabilities.
  • Digital test forms are constructed from item bank to limit item overlap between test takers, for greater security and limitation of practice effects.


The Raven's 2, now available as a digital solution, reduces inventory concerns, test kit transport, and uses familiar technology designed to put examinees at ease.

  • Integrated test forms and manuals increase usability.
  • Wide range of item difficulty to help identify intellectual disability and giftedness.
  • Updated and colorized items, design, and norms.
  • Individual or group settings administration.
  • Paper format includes reusable test booklets and complementary 1-year scoring subscription with account activation.
  • Digital format offers automated scoring and reporting.

Raven 2 Example

Raven 2 Example

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