Direct the course of your students’ academic path with the power of aimswebPlus.


aimsweb®Plus screens and monitors the reading and math skills of PreK–12 students. With its robust set of standards-aligned measures, aimswebPlus is proven to uncover learning gaps quickly, identify at-risk students, and assess individual and classroom growth. aimswebPlus also has add-on screener dyslexia providing a comprehensive, all- in-one system.

This powerful platform utilizes web-based scoring on a computer/laptop or tablet, and is also ideal for virtual learning environments.


Teacher friendly

We value our teachers’ dedication to students. Large Canadian class sizes often mean scarce resources and little time to monitor student achievement. To assist with the demands of accommodations in learning, aimswebPlus is teacher-driven for flexibility in assessment practices, and can be used to quickly screen and monitor student progress at any point in the assessment cycle. The regular use of this platform encourages quick and easy administration, accurate results and personalized learning.

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