Direct the course of your students’ academic path with the power of aimswebPlus.


Early intervention is the key to success. Research has found that early identification of at-risk students leads to increased success both in and out of the classroom. With aimswebPlus, you can measure what matters — when it matters:

  • Meet accountability requirements
  • Uncover learning gaps faster and more accurately
  • Screen and monitor students in one seamless system
  • Track student progress for more effective instruction and interventions
  • Collect literacy data on your student population

Administration and scoring

Administration and scoring for aimswebPlus and Shaywitz DyslexiaScreen™ are securely completed and scored within the aimswebPlus platform in minutes. In kindergarten and first grade, students use printed test materials while teachers score the measures online. This can be done on almost any web-enabled device with a supported browser, including netbooks (e.g. Chromebook) and tablets. Students in grades 2–8 can take tests independently online using similar devices. Once assessment data is entered into the system, aimswebPlus reports the results immediately.


Quick, quality assessment of fundamental reading and math skills

Ecologically valid and developmentally appropriate assessments for K–1, and for Oral Reading Fluency at all grades

Online test administration for measures in grades 2–8

Digital record forms allow administration on a wide range of devices

Dyslexia screening

Our partnership with Shaywitz DyslexiaScreen™ puts the power of reliable and efficient dyslexia screenings directly into the hands of educators. The Shaywitz DyslexiaScreen offers an evidence-based, teacher-friendly observational rating scale for grades K–3. It is intended for mass screenings to sort students — those at risk and those not at risk for dyslexia — quickly. The data can be used to set direction for intervention and instructional planning for all students, and a ready-to-use handout gives parents and caregivers ideas for supporting at-risk students outside school. To get a closer look, see our dyslexia resources for educators.


  • Documentation of educator ratings and concerns that show evidence of dyslexia risk
  • Valid, norm-based student performance ratings that support educator observations
  • Multiple measures that support best practice in screening and assessment
  • Universally screen, identify risk, progress monitor, and report results in one seamless system

Shaywitz Aggregate Risk Analysis

Identify students who are most at risk for reading failure by integrating results from Shaywitz DyslexiaScreen with the Early Literacy and Reading battery performance in aimswebPlus.