Introducing Q-interactive™

As the worldwide leader in the field of assessment, Pearson has always strived toward up-to-the-minute innovation.

Now we're thrilled to introduce an exciting leap in our evolution: Q-interactive, offering the world's most advanced assessment tools with the convenience of today's technology.

A comprehensive digital platform, Q-interactive lets you quickly create unique, client-centric batteries at both the instrument and subtest levels. It also improves administration accuracy and speed, provides real time scoring, and allows for unheard of flexibility in just a few simple taps. No more lugging cumbersome bundles of test kits. No more need to share kits and track them down when you need them. No more tedious scoring, or tabulation challenges. Instead, a more effective way to do your job, serve your clients, and evolve your practice.


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Q-interactive lets you take your entire practice digital

Introducing Q-interactive, a revolutionary new digital platform that delivers the world’s most advanced assessment tools you can take with you anywhere. Q-interactive saves you time, while adding unprecedented flexibility, portability, convenience and efficiency.

With Q-interactive you no longer have to simultaneously juggle cumbersome manuals, stimulus books, record forms, notepads, a stop-watch, and manipulatives in order to do your job. Q-interactive puts a comprehensive library of assessment tools right in the palm of your hand. Fixed and flexible approaches are enabled. Capturing data is easier. Scoring is immediate and accurate. And Q-interactive helps facilitate proper administration.

Q-interactive: How it works

Q-interactive is a digital platform that streamlines the entire assessment process

Q-interactive is a digital platform that streamlines the entire assessment process. The clinician can create client profiles, choose and develop batteries, and review scored data through a secure web-portal.

Administration occurs using two tablets that 'talk' to each other via Bluetooth connection

Administration occurs using two tablets that “talk” to each other via Bluetooth connection. The clinician uses one to administer instructions, record and score responses, take notes, and control visual stimuli. The client uses the other to view and respond to stimuli.


Examiners can choose from and administer a continually growing library of digital tests and subtests such as: WISC®–VCDN, WAIS®–IVCDN, CVLT®–II, CVLT®–C, and D–KEFS™. Prior to inclusion in the Q-interactive assessment library, each new type of subtest undergoes an equivalency study to confirm that scores obtained from Q-interactive are interchangeable with those obtained from our standard paper-and-pencil versions.

Clinicians will find it easy to use Q-interactive’s three functional modalities: “Choose” (select tests and subtests), “Assess” (administer the tests) and “Share” (with a simple tap, send results to the web application).


Central is a web-based application located at qiactive.com. Central is your first and last stop. It’s home base for Choosing subtests and Sharing data, It's where you’ll:

  • Create and manage client profiles
  • Select, customize, and save assessment batteries
  • Search and browse available subtests
  • Review scores and item-level data
  • Print and export scores and notes
  • Archive client batteries

As the platform evolves, Central will become home to an expanding level of functionality that encompasses other parts of the assessment workflow. Areas being considered: progress monitoring; new ways to view, interpret and manipulate data; extended reporting features; practice management; links to up-to-the-minute information and services; and in-platform peer-communities.


Assess is the application you’ll use to administer your assessment batteries. On your two digital devices, you’ll find just about all the information and test materials you’ll need. Built into the application are:

  • An integrated timer
  • Response capture via: handwriting, audio recording, and various design interfaces created specifically for each subtest type
  • A notepad to facilitate easy note-taking and recording of observations
  • “To-do” list that aggregates items with unresolved recording and/or scoring needs
  • Quick-use manual content
  • On-the-fly battery adaptation
  • Real-time scoring
  • Prompts and rule assistance

While using Assess, examiners will initially continue to use select manipulatives and response booklets. Future enhancements will include expanded scoring options, subtest administration features, and a broader array of client-based digital interactions that could include the integration of response booklets and various manipulatives.

Learn More About Q-interactive

More Information on Q-interactive

More Information on Q-interactive

Learn more about the features Q-interactive.

Check out the Q-interactive Library

Check out the Q-interactive Library

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Consult our registered Webinars

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User Stories


“The Q-interactive system has jettisoned my practice into a whole new level. With iPad-based administration of tests and ‘on the spot’ scoring, I feel that my accuracy and efficiency have been enhanced. The portability of iPads makes it easier to carry tests from place to place. Moreover, with the increased number of tests being added to Q-interactive, cross-battery assessment is now more convenient and cost effective. Clearly, this is a win/win situation for clinicians and their clients!

While there is a bit of a learning curve to get started using the system, the support we received in the clinic from Pearson was outstanding. Partnered with this, there are wonderful training videos on the Pearson website that I highly recommend. After learning how to use the app and the basic gestures, you will find the administration very intuitive.

I want to commend those on the Q-interactive team and I encourage them to continue bringing more tests on board for us to use. I really think that this platform is the way of the future!"

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