With more than 80 years of experience in the assessment field, Pearson’s Clinical Assessment group offers innovative and comprehensive products and services to meet our varied customers’ needs. We are proud of our leadership role in assessment and the continuous timeline of many innovations. Every day we concentrate on merging innovation with quality test design to develop increasingly more effective tools for children and adults, educators and clinicians.

Clinical Assessment’s internationally recognized products and services assist skilled, compassionate professionals to improve lives. We have a comprehensive portfolio of research-based instruments that are valid, reliable and represent the highest technical quality in assessments today. We are particularly noted for our gold-standard assessment contributions in cognitive/ability, memory, neuropsychology, behaviour, personality/psychopathology, achievement and speech/language. Noted brands include the Wechsler and Kaufman families of products, MMPI, BASC, OLSAT, CELF, and PLS.

We currently serve approximately 35,000 customers in Canada with assessments for psychologists, speech language pathologists, occupational therapists, and related professionals. Strict security is maintained for content of clinical products and customers must submit proof of qualification prior to purchase for many of our products.

Our customers are found in a variety of settings, including schools (preschool, K-12, university) and clinical settings (private practice, hospital/medical, corrections, clinics).