Validity Indicator Profile


Validity Indicator Profile® supports forensic or neuropsychological evaluations. VIP® meets the increasing need for a well-validated, psychometrically sound test that can provide empirical support in courtrooms and other legal institutions.

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  • VIP Q-global Profile Report Qty 1 (Digital)
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    Includes report only; key entry from the paper Answer Sheet


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  • VIP Q Answer Sheets Qty 25 (Print)
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  • VIP Manual (Print)
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Publication date:


Age range:

Individuals 18–69 years old

Reading Level:


Qualification level:


Completion time:

Verbal subtest, 20 minutes (78 items); Nonverbal subtest, 30 minutes (100 items)

Scoring options:

Q-global™ web-based, Q Local™ Software

Report Options:

Interpretive and Profile

Product Details

The VIP test is useful to neuropsychologists, forensic, and clinical psychologists in a variety of situations, including civil and criminal trials, competency-to-stand-trial evaluations, and medical insurance examinations.


  • Support conclusions that may impact the awarding of large sums of money or the determination of competence or culpability. 
  • Categorize the individual's response style into four categories: compliant, inconsistent, irrelevant, suppressed.
  • Conduct a general assessment of response style, including invalid response styles in addition to outright malingering or intentional deception.
  • Identify who may not benefit from further, more extensive neuropsychological testing.


The VIP test uses six primary validity indicators to classify an individual's performance as either valid or invalid.

  • Each VIP measure captures a different element of the deviations from this expected pattern.
  • The test helps assess the relationship between the individual's intention and the effort in completing the test.  
  • A graph of results helps explain the results in hearing or court proceedings.
  • Contains verbal and nonverbal subtests, each of which can be administered independently.
  • Scoring rules for the VIP test were developed using a sample of more than 1,000 clinical and nonclinical subjects.

Sample Reports

Interpretive reports compares a respondent's answers to a normative group and against the individual's own demonstrated abilities. Profile reports provide a graphical representation of the respondent's performance on test items.




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What is the VIP test designed to do?

The VIP test is a validity indicator designed to be administered with tests that assess cognitive capacity. The individual's response style is classified into one of four categories: Compliant, Inconsistent, Irrelevant, or Suppressed. Results of the VIP test indicate whether the individual's performance on other tests of cognitive capacity should be considered a valid representation of his or her abilities.

What is a Performance Curve?

A Performance Curve is a graphical representation of an individual's average performance (proportion correct) in relation to item difficulty. Each point on the graph represents the individual's performance on 10 items of comparable difficulty. The average proportion correct is expected to be 1.0 for the easiest test items. As difficulty increases, test performance should decline. Once the individual has reached his or her ceiling of ability, performance is not expected to differ significantly from chance (.5). The Performance Curve can be used to assess an individual's response style.

What are the response style categories on the VIP test?

The author of the VIP Interpretive Report classifies an individual's response style, based on the shape of his or her Performance Curve, into one of four categories: Compliant, Inconsistent, Irrelevant, and Suppressed.

  • Compliant Responding: the respondent intended to perform well and made a good effort throughout the test, and the performance is an accurate representation of his or her ability.
  • Inconsistent Responding: the respondent intended to do well but his or her performance includes unexpected mistakes or poor performance.
  • Irrelevant Responding: the respondent answered the items in a manner that cannot be differentiated from random responding; the items were answered without regard to item content.
  • Suppressed Responding: the respondent made a deliberate effort to answer the items incorrectly; the respondent "suppressed" correct answer choices.

What is a Suppression Sector?

A Suppression Sector is an extended portion of the Performance Curve (20 or more consecutive running means for the Nonverbal subtest, 18 or more consecutive running means for the Verbal subtest) for which the running means are .3 or lower. Given that pure guessing or random responding will produce 50% correct answers on average, such extended segments of below-chance performance strongly suggest deliberate suppression of correct answers. The VIP classification rules assign a Suppressed classification to any performance that includes a Suppression Sector.

When is it appropriate to use the VIP test?

The VIP test is appropriate in any situation in which a clinician is concerned with accurately measuring an individual's cognitive capacity. Just as validity indicators are commonly reviewed prior to the interpretation of many personality tests, the VIP test allows clinicians to routinely assess whether cognitive testing has been completed with the full effort of the test-taker.
Use of the VIP test is indicated in many settings where the measure of the test-taker's cognitive capacity may influence litigation or compensation. The VIP test is particularly valuable in civil and criminal trial evaluations, medical insurance examinations, Social Security disability reviews, workers' compensation examinations, and rehabilitative treatment assessments.

What are the limitations of the VIP test?

The VIP test is not intended to be used to assess the validity of cognitive testing with individuals who are known to have mental retardation. Use of the VIP test with individuals who are illiterate or who have significant mental retardation will generally result in their response style being categorized as "Invalid."
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What is the diagnostic efficiency of the VIP test?

Overall, the VIP Nonverbal subtest correctly classified 79% of the sample. The sensitivity and specificity for the Verbal subtest were 59% and 94%, respectively; the overall correct-classification rate was 77%.
The VIP test has moderately elevated sensitivity, but the sensitivity of the other tests is quite low. Specificity for all these tests is uniformly quite high.


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