Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children | Fifth Edition: Canadian

Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children® Fifth Edition: Canadian (WISC®-V-CDN) is an intelligence test that measures a child’s intellectual ability and 5 cognitive domains that impact performance. Guidance on using this test in your telepractice.
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WISC-V Symbol Search Scoring Key (Print)
0158978552 Qualification Level C



1-4 $58.90
5-9 $55.90
10-24 $53.00
25-50 $50.00
51+ $47.10
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Publication date:
Age range:
Children aged 6:0–16:11
FSIQ, Primary Index Scores and Ancillary Index Scores
Qualification level:
Completion time:
Core subtests: ~60 minutes
Paper-and-pencil or digital
Scoring options:
Q-interactive® Administration and Scoring, Q-global™ Scoring & Reporting or Manual Scoring
Guidance on using this test in your telepractice.

Product Details

The WISC-V-CDN gives school psychologists, clinical psychologists and neuropsychologists flexibility and interpretive power to get a broader view of a child's cognitive abilities.


  • Increase construct coverage without increasing test time.
  • Identify and diagnose intellectual and learning disabilities/disorders.
  • Evaluate cognitive processing strengths and weaknesses.
  • Assess giftedness and the impact of brain injuries.
  • Significantly reduce testing time to obtain FSIQ.
  • Supports more flexible evaluation of specific learning disabilities and two major approaches to specific learning disability identification: (1) pattern of strengths and weaknesses analyses and (2) ability-achievement discrepancy analyses.


WISC-V delivers more flexibility, more content and more interpretive power.

  • Three new primary subtests — Visual Puzzles, Figure Weights, and Picture Span — measure the ability to analyze and synthesize information, quantitative reasoning and induction, and visual working memory.
  • Five new complementary subtests assess cognitive processes important to academic achievement in reading, math, and writing.
  • Simplified instructions with reduced vocabulary level, shorter discontinue rules and refined scoring criteria.
  • Full scoring reports and interpretive reports include narrative interpretation scores.
  • Separate visual spatial and fluid reasoning composite scores results in greater interpretive clarity.
  • Automatically converts total raw scores to subtest scaled scores and sums of scaled scores to composites scores.
  • Statistical links to two measures of academic achievement: KTEA-3 and WIAT-III-CDN. See a comparison between WISC-V-CDN and WIAT-III-CDN.


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Sample Reports

Score reports automatically convert total raw scores to subtest scaled scores and sums of scaled scores to composite scores, including the FSIQ and numerous index scores. Interpretive reports include narrative interpretation of scores.




Benefits of WISC-V on Q-interactive

  • Access the full complement of WISC-V subtests with the tap of a button.
  • Create custom batteries by combining subtests from the WISC-V and other tests such as the WIAT-III.
  • Engage children by displaying stimuli on the iPad.
  • Standardize administration and simplify the management of WISC-V materials so you can focus on what is important – the examinee.
  • Automatically generate score reports, including ability-achievement discrepancy and patterns of strengths and weaknesses analyses with the WIAT-III and KTEA-3.
  • Obtain scaled scores immediately after finishing a subtest, to increase speed and accuracy.

Materials Needed

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How Can I Buy WISC-V on Q-interactive?

New customers:

Annual Q-interactive licenses can be purchased using our online order form or by calling Customer Support at 1-866-335-8418. See the Q-interactive license options for more information on pricing.

Current Q-interactive customers:

If you want to add the WISC-V-CDN to your account, visit our online order form and select the "Add test(s) to existing account" option. You may also call Customer Support at 1-866-335-8418.




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