The Early Screening Inventory | Third Edition


The Early Screening Inventory, Third Edition (ESI™-3) is an individually administered screening instrument that helps identify children who may need special education services.

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ESI-3 Administration and Scoring In Person 6 Hours
A103000197868 Qualification Level A

This 6-hour session will prepare participants to implement the ESI-3 in their early childhood program. Participants will learn the essentials for administering and scoring the tasks and items on the ESI-3 domains (Visual-Motor/Adaptive, Language and Cognition, and Motor) and for administering and scoring the ESI-3 Parent Questionnaire. This hands-on training offers participants opportunities to practice administration and scoring ESI-3 tasks and items. Price includes up to 40 people per session.

Training orders will be processed within 5-7 business days of order placement. A training consultant will contact you to coordinate your training. Training dates are scheduled no earlier than 5 weeks from order placement.