Brown Executive Function/Attention Scales

Brown EF/A Scales
Brown Executive Function/Attention Scales helps screen and assess a wider range of impairments of executive functioning. Brown EF/A Scales™ measures DSM-5 symptoms of ADHD along with less apparent impairments of executive functioning.
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Brown EF/A Examining Executive Functions in Students with Learning and Attentional Deficits Live Webinar 3 Hours
A103000197860 Qualification Level B

This 3-hour session examines a systemic approach to identifying and assessing the executive functions of students and guiding specific supports and interventions to improve the executive function related skills. This session reviews a theoretical evidenced-based model that details how EF is related to chronic learning and attentional deficits and prescribes methods for assessing EF domains (Brown, 2013). In addressing the components of the model, we will discuss assessing EF deficits associated with learning disabilities as well as how to develop proactive EF skills: getting organized and started on tasks; focusing, shifting, and sustaining attention; managing alertness; sustaining effort to complete tasks; processing and outputting information efficiently; managing emotions; using working memory; and monitoring one’s actions. Price includes up to 40 people per session.

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