Clinical Language Intervention Program

Develop language therapy programs for individuals from Kindergarten through Grade 8


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Kindergarten through grade 8
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Product Details

The Clinical Language Intervention Program (CLIP) can help you customize a language therapy program for individual students or small groups from Kindergarten through Grade 8. CLIP training stimuli and carry-over activities enable you to target more than 150 receptive and expressive skills in the areas of semantics, syntax and morphology, memory, and pragmatics.

Clip Worksheets

Your Kindergarten through Grade 8 students will receive focused language practice with the tasks on these reproducible worksheets, focusing on the areas of morphology, syntax, semantics and pragmatics. Select from primarily oral activities using pictures to more difficult activities that incorporate reading and writing skills.

  • Morphology Worksheets—Includes regular and irregular plurals, possessives, words with 'en' endings, tense markers, noun–verb agreement, comparatives and superlatives as well as personal and possessive pronouns.
  • Syntax Worksheets—Includes simple sentences, transformations (negation, passive voice, questions), and compound and complex sentences.
  • Semantics Worksheets—Includes labels and actions, object functions, locatives, attributes (quality and quantity), and time and sequence.
  • Pragmatics Worksheets—Includes greetings and good-byes, calls for attention, requesting permission, asking for information, commenting, direct and indirect requests, protesting, and more.