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Detailed Assessment of Speed of Handwriting

  • Anna Barnett
  • Sheila E. Henderson
  • Beverly Scheib
  • Joerg Schulz

Detailed Assessment of Speed of Handwriting is a reliable, age-appropriate measure of handwriting speed for children. DASH helps identify kids with handwriting difficulties and provides relevant information for intervention planning.

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Publication date:
Age range:
9:0 – 16:11
Qualification level:
Completion time:
30 Minutes
Paper and Pencil, Group or Individual

Product Details

The Detailed Assessment of Speed of Handwriting can be used to help identify children with handwriting difficulties.


  • Provides standardized subtest scores.
  • Provides composite scores.
  • Offers reliability, based on a nationally stratified normative sample of over 500 children collected across the UK in 2006.


DASH includes 5 subtests that are administered and scored by hand.

  • Subtests examine fine motor and precision skills.
  • The speed of producing well known symbolic material is tested
  • The ability to alter speed of performance on two tasks with identical content and free writing competency is tested.