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Test of Everyday Attention for Children | Second Edition

Test of Everyday Attention for Children Second Edition uniquely measures separable aspects of attention. TEA-Ch2 has been updated to make the testing process more fun and engaging.


Publication date:
Age range:
Children and adolescents 5-15
Qualification level:
Completion time:
5–7 years: 35-40 minutes;
8–15 years: 40-55 minutes

Product Details

TEA-Ch2 is particularly useful for children who have known or suspected problems with attention.


  • Differentiates patterns of strengths and weaknesses in cognition.
  • Informs appropriate interventions and monitors outcomes.
  • Checks and calculates combined and total scores from examiner-entered demographic data and results of subtests.
  • Provides scaled scores and percentile ranks to aid interpretation.
  • Converts subtest scores to overall composite scales.
  • Generates PDF output report of scores with percentiles and scaled scores to print and/or place on file.


TEA-Ch2 is designed for use by clinical, school, child psychologists and academic researchers.

  • Shorter, more user-friendly assessment that combines both paper-based and computerized tests.
  • Comic administration format, certificate, and stickers to engage children.
  • Shorter, simpler version for younger children (TEA-Ch2J) and a longer version for older children (TEA-Ch2A).
  • Scores for general attention index and selective and sustained attention.
  • Large normative sample representative of the UK population.
  • New and improved psychometric properties.

Test Structure (Ages 5–7 years)

Test Structure (Ages 8–15 years)

TEA-Ch2 Test Structure 5–7yrTEA-Ch2 Test Structure 8–15yr

Sample Reports

The following sample reports are available for TEA-Ch2. A technical overview report is also available.

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